After receiving an inquiry from you we ask for a photo of the stack of paper to get the judgment of vehicle size that will be required to collect your old paper records or if a photo is not possible we can send our supervisor to check the volume of records. After this procedure, we send our vehicle to your premises along with workers. You just have to show which paper lot has to be picked up. our worker will load all the paper records for destruction in the vehicle. Your company representative or office boy has to accompany us to our shredding unit. The waste paper records will be weighed before unloading at our shredding unit. The paper records will be unloaded and shredded in front of your person, Photo & video are allowed to be taken of destroyed records and on-demand letter of destruction will be provided the major benefit of off site paper destruction is that huge volume can be shredded fast at our premises. The office & company where space is less benefit from the service.

How It Works:-
NOTE:- No transportation or labour charges are required instead we pay you. Photos & Videos are allowed to take while the shredding process is going on.