Shred N Recycle provides shredding services to the following industries

We have the top most hospital whom we provide proper yearly service. As patient data is very sensitive therefore proper care is taken while providing medical record shredding service.


We have shredding clients for the most valuable banks. Our bank clients are very satisfied with our secured document service. We even shred their cheques.

IT Companies:-

This IT Industry Requires very up-to-date confidential Shredding service this IT sector require proper documentation, timely record service needs to follow all regulation. As it companies are located in a very secured building. So all proper documents have to be provided for entry into the buildings and all rules of the buildings has to be followed.


Again we have a list of top clients for bulk shredding services in the automobile sector. Here the records are generated in bulk for confidential disposal. Therefore they require a big industrial shredder, also they are concerned that the shredded material should be properly disposed of. We provide a very satisfactory high-volume paper destruction service.


As offices have a very small amount of space to store the paper records so they need to destroy the papers very often, with a small to medium quantity. We provide the best shredding service to such small and big offices. We have a small shredding machine for such office shredding service.


We provide answer paper shredding services to schools, universities, colleges, classes, educational institutes, etc. We have good experience in vital shredding service.

Home Shredding Service:-

We also provide service to home data shredding service many clients have stored many valuable records over a long period which they cannot throw to normal shop this type of shredding service is generally known as one-time paper shredding service. As recurring does not occur here.