1.Is Shred N Recycle a registered company?
A:-Shred N Recycle is a brand name of UMM Recycling which is a registered company in 2008 with all valid certifications like MPCB.

2.What are the charges for shredding?
A:-There are no charges applied for shredding. No labour & No transportation charges are required instead, we pay you money.

3.How much quantity is required for shredding?
A:-For off-site shredding service we can start from a minimum quantity of 100kg’s to any quantity (eg:-10000kg’s , 50000kg’s, etc). For less than 100kg we have launched a new service known as self deliver & shred service. Where you can bring as low as 1kg to any amount of volume. We pay you more for self-delivery & shred service.

4.Do we need to arrange vehicle & labour?
A:-No, all workers and vehicles will be arranged by Shred N Recycle and no charges will be applied.

5.Which city do you provide service to?
A:-We provide service to Pune city, PCMC, and areas nearby Pune.

6.Is shredding done in an environmentally friendly manner?
A:-Yes, as there is no burning or other natural harmful activity done. Hence it is an eco-friendly way of shredding. We only require electricity to run the shredding machine.

7.Do we get any proof of shredding?
A:-While shredding is being done you are allowed to take photos & videos of the process. Also on demand, we provide a letter of destruction.